After the one-two punches of Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST, both of which featured enjoyable multiplayer action but campaigns as dull as you can get, Halo: Reach was a pleasant surprise. This is a battle for the planet and it really feels like it, with constant action that hardly ever lets up. Smart level design gives you multiple paths around the environment to better plan tactics with your friends in the seamless co-op. Also -- perhaps best of all for Halo fans -- there's no Flood.

The game took the fast and fun multiplayer from Halo 3 and completely revamped it with a class-based system, nabbing the Firefight matches from ODST and even adding in new modes. You can customize and tweak hundreds of settings here, offering you the kind of game you can play for months, so long as you're quick with the mute button.

While Bungie isn't working on the series anymore, they went out on a high point.

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