The Eater: A 25-foot Great White Shark.

The Food: Sunbathers, kids, dogs, naked women, Quint

The Hitch: Once the first couple of people are eaten, about a thousand boats filled with drunk assholes hit the water in an attempt to reap the reward for its capture. Then, there's the little matter of the Orca, whose demented Captain Quint (Robert Shaw) is hell-bent on sticking the shark with enough barrels to have him float to Newfoundland.

The End Result: Well, yes, if you look at it from the shark's perspective. There he is, trolling in the somewhat frigid waters of the Atlantic when he comes across a delicate morsel of drunk naked hippie woman flesh. He can't contain his elation. He does manage to eat Quint, but in the end, he is undone by a compressed air canister and the cool hand of Sheriff Brody (Roy Scheider) on his rifle.

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