Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton is everywhere. When the voluptuous blonde bombshell isn't doing the 'Cat Daddy' or starring in 'The Three Stooges' film, she's pitching burgers for Carl's Jr. or hawking DirecTV.

To be clear, NO ONE is complaining. Our motto: the more Kate Upton, the better.

An enterprising group of skate deck designers must feel the same way. They are now using Kate Upton for inspiration on the finest looking skate decks you'll ever see; they've called their project Skate Upton.

Jason Yim, Edsel Dilag and Chris Vilchez are the artists behind Skate Upton. Inspired by Skate Moss, the Kate Moss/skateboard art project done by Jeff Gaudinet, Yim, Dilag and Vilchez have designed a number of Kate Upton skate decks and posted them to a Tumblr.

Reviewing the decks resulted in three observations:

1- A lot of skaters are going to eat some curb because they are too busy looking down at their decks.

2- There is no bad picture of Kate Upton. Ever.

3- Much like bacon or cheese, you can't go wrong in branding something with a Kate Upton flavor. Hell, you could make Kate Upton coffins and they'd probably sell.

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