Kate Upton's boobs are apparently considered too dangerous to be exposed in an airport. Visitors to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport are being prevented from seeing all of the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and two-time cover model Upton.

The magazine's cover is being intentionally censored to passersby in the terminal.

Kate Upton Boobs Censorship

While the offending magazine rack is filled out nicely, it has obvious issues: the yellow slips of paper censoring the cover of Upton and her partially exposed boobs. An Instagram user snapped the picture on Thursday, and it has since been circulated to rally the masses against the terrible censorship injustice being done to the fine women of the issue, specifically Kate Upton (and her boobs).

Doesn't the newsstand owner know Upton plunged herself into Antarctica for that cover shot!?! Upton put her boobs in mortal danger by exposing them to boob-numbing temperatures that would make your pee turn to ice cubes, and this is the thanks she gets?

Unless Kate Upton's boobs were causing too many "objects" to be found during TSA screening pat-downs, they are being wrongly censored. Until Kate Upton's boobs are free, none of us can be.

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