Douchebags of yesteryear had it easy -- If he hit on some random hot model on a plane in a semi-drunken stupor, she may think him a douche and turn him down but once the big hunk of metal lands, he's in the clear.

Today Twitter, Facebook and the internet means part of the dbag's life is probably searchable on Google. Especially the sleazy antics of Brian Presley, an actor who decided to chat up model Melissa Stetten on a plane, while she live-tweets the whole sleazy encounter:


The model just happens to have somewhat of a following from her days of dating radio host Anthony Cumia of 'The Opie & Anthony Show.' So, her followers feed her info on the guy as she's tweeting: like he's married and has a kid. And oh an interview of him on Christianity Today in which he talks about being a recovering alcoholic.

Sure, Stetten's tweets are "Woe is me, I'm a model and being hit on." But, Brian — who thinks their meeting is "divine interception" — blatantly lies about his wedding ring and is drinking. Worst of all: he leaves the window shade open when people are clearly trying to sleep on the plane.  What a jerk!