When it comes to gifts, "it's the thought that counts." However some gifts are clearly less thoughtful than others.

If you woke Christmas morning to find nothing but ankle socks and books about confetti  under the tree you can still easily exchange them for something of a little more value. Thanks to Pizza Hut, the first 100 people to tweet a photo of their bad Christmas presents to #PizzaHutExchange will get a free gift card for a $10 Any Pizza. The photos above are actual gifts tweeted with the official hashtag.

To collect your free pizza you don't need to actually bring them the lousy gift. Pizza Hut has about as much use for a singing fish as you do.

And what if Pizza Hut isn't your favored big-chain pie? Does that even matter? While a bad Christmas gift gets thrown in the back of the closet, bad pizza is still pretty darn good.

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