Forget seven-layer dip: this is the Best. Super Bowl Snack. Ever.

It's a near regulation-size football made of Lebanon bologna that comes with real laces and threads.The sweet, smoked sausage inside the casing gets its name from Lebanon County, Pa, where it is often produced.

This packed pigskin is available at Dietrich’s Meats in Krumsville, Pa., northwest of Philadelphia and just outside the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. No wonder there aren't any Amish dudes in the NFL. Who wants to run, pass or kick a football when you can eat it?

Anyway, the Magill Report Fantasy Football League, and presumably other fantasy football leagues, honor their annual champs with a feast of the meat football.  But why wait till next year when the Big Game is this Sunday? Get yours now.

The most manly thing to do is to buy one, take a bite at kickoff and pass that ball around until it's gone. You may want to provide a mustard laced with blood pressure meds and Lipitor so your guests can enjoy... responsibly.

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