Toyota's 2013 Super Bowl commercial involving Kaley Cuoco will definitely grabs viewers attention during Super Bowl 47.

When we heard that Kaley Cuoco would be starring in a Super Bowl 47 commercial for Toyota, we were understandably excited. For starters, she's hysterical as Penny, Leonard's on-again, off-again girlfriend on 'The Big Bang Theory.' Plus, she's awfully easy on the eyes.

Luckily, the teaser trailer for Toyota's 2013 Super Bowl commercial doesn't disappoint. As Super Bowl commercials go, it's got the right combination of impressive special effects and sex appeal. But what does it have to do with Toyota? Not much, it turns out. Instead, Cuoco struts her stuff down a city street while wearing a tight purple outfit.

Normally, that would be enough for us to declare this Super Bowl 2013 commercial a winner, but there's much more. 'I Wish,' the 1995 hit by Skee-Lo, plays in the background, and Cuoco gives life to things mentioned in the song's bizarre lyrics with her magical, wish-granting powers, including a "rabbit in a hat with a bat" in the passenger seat of a Toyota SUV at the end.

If all of this seems pretty random, that's because it is. Still, we're intrigued enough to tune in and catch the whole 2013 Super Bowl commercial when it airs during Super Bowl 47 this Sunday. After all, hot chicks and guys in bunny suits get us every time.