Confucius once said "Beer and pizza go together like beer and pizza." He said it during his later years, he might have been losing his quotability by that time. Anyway, beer and a slice go so well together we're a little surprised it's taken so long for somebody to combine the flavors of pizza into a beer.

Thankfully, forgoing a greasy mouthfeel, Mama Mia Pizza Beer pulls off tasting like beer and pizza by adding tomatoes, garlic, and herbs to the brewing process. Oh, and also a whole pizza. They put it in a bag, a bit like your grandmother's tea, and put it in the mash to let the flavors percolate.

If you're worried about swigging a chunk of pepperoni let us ease your mind: Pizza Beer is 100% vegetarian. Although we guess most beers are vegetarian. Except Natty Light, we're pretty sure that's brewed with bacon grease.

Anyway, if you want some Pizza Beer, you can buy some at the store or just hit the locations distributing it across the US.

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