Go Daddy's 2013 Super Bowl commercial feels incomplete but we just can't figure out what the Super Bowl 47 ad is missing. Oh, right...HALF-NAKED WOMEN!

If there's one thing we look forward to every Super Bowl, it's Go Daddy's customary commercial with scantily clad women. The web hosting company has something different planned for Super Bowl 47. Their 2013 Super Bowl commercial trades in skin for -- brace yourselves -- comedy.

This Super Bowl 2013 commercial, which was recently posted to Go Daddy's YouTube channel, features a husband talking to his wife about a big internet idea. Problem is, several other men across the world have exactly the same idea and one in particular, who used Go Daddy's domain registration service, has already beaten him to the punch.

All in all, the Super Bowl 47 commercial is fairly amusing, but where are the babes? Aside from a completely buttoned-up flight attendant and the usually half-naked Go Daddy spokesperson Danica Patrick as the pilot, there's precious little eye candy to be had. For a Go Daddy commercial, that's a damn shame.

But never fear, T&A fans. Go Daddy's second Super Bowl 47 commercial, which stars Patrick and supermodel Bar Rafaeli, will reportedly feature all the skin we've come to expect -- nay, demand -- from them. Sounds good to us. We'll just pretend like this first commercial never happened.