Old Milwaukee may need to update its Facebook real soon. The beer company's landing page currently asks visitors to LIKE the "Best Beer TV Commercial Ever Made" and then shows an old Swedish Bikini Team spot. Will Ferrell has topped those ads.

In a series of ads shot this past September, Ferrell shills for the Wisconsin-based brew in Davenport, Iowa and Terre Haute, Indiana. The commercials are airing there locally, but - of course - have made their way online via fans.

The Davenport ads feature Ferrell "sitting on a log," "hand-fishing" in the Mississippi and frantically making the Davenport sign acronym.  In Terre Haute, he literally stands at the "Crossroads of America" (a busy intersection), rides a bike in a wig, walks the tracks to "go from town to town" and sits atop a rooftop overlooking the city saying "It just doesn't get any better than this."

The former "Saturday Night Live" star reportedly approached the beer's parent company Pabst Brewing Company himself and is not getting paid for the spots.

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