Let's take you back to 1997 --  It was a magical time, and you may remember a little blond haired pop trio named Hanson. You thought those chicks were hot--until you realized they were all dudes.  Bummer.

Fast forward to the present and Hanson is still making music but will soon add brewers to their resume after their very own beer called, 'MMMHop' hits shelves. The name is in reference to their hit song 'MmmBop' and probably a clever homage to songs that drive a person to drink.

Before you jump to conclusions, this beer actually sounds pretty good.  'MMMHop IPA' is said to be an Indian Pale Ale, which shows their taste for quality beers.  So, we're going to give it a chance.

Hanson will probably gain some more notoriety after this brew hits shelves early next year.  We can see ourselves downing a few of these babies while screaming their hits at the top of our lungs and drinking until the tallest brother gets really hot. Oh, right, dudes. Bummer.

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