Who is The Hot Girl?

Who's the Dos Equis Redhead?
Perhaps the greatest wisdom imparted to us so far by the fictional, all-knowing Most Interesting Man in the World, his new message is succinct, and dead-on: "There are better things to fantasize about, than teams of men." While we can always count on Dos Equis commercials to bring …
Who's the hot girl in the QuiBids Commercial?
We like to pause our DVR at this point in the commercial and pretend she's saying, "You're the one for me," as we eat our lonely frozen "meals-for-one" dinner. We've seen this hot commercial babe more than a few times now, and last night we decided …
Who's the Hot Girl Bud Light Girl?
March Madness took over many a TV set last week, and with so many upsets your bracket is probably looking more busted than a failed "Bronco Buster."  In between pointlessly caring about teams you have no allegiance to and gawking at the wife of the coach of this year's Cinderella story, yo…
General Knowledge
Finally, a chick in an insurance commercial who is hot and isn't that annoying redhead broad Flo from Progressive, who can be sorta cute if you catch her on the right day and she's not opening her mouth, but most times...No.
Xerox Girl?
Xeroxes and photocopies aren't exactly riveting topics of discussion, but when a hot brunette is espousing their virtues, we can pretty easily be persuaded to become interested in the art of the reproduction.
Who is She?
Oh, is the babbling, drooling infant in this 2013 Volkswagen Jetta 'Safety Baby' commercial cute? We were too busy looking at the redheaded mom carting him around.
in this BMO spot?
It's a buyer's market right now. Even if you are content with your bachelor pad/man cave at the moment, pretend for 30 seconds that you are psyched and ready to go into massive debt for the next 30 years. Why? So you can fantasize about playing house with the super cute girl in the BMO ≈…
Tax Slayer Commercial?
Tax time is just around the corner. Groan. We know how it is dude; you owe, so it's off to work you go. While there's nothing sexy about taxes, the idea of slaying them is sort of hot, and watching a beautiful woman slay her taxes is even hotter. This TaxSlayer commercial takes some o…
In This Commercial?
The girl in this Slimful commercial offers tips on how to lose weight by noshing on a low calorie meal replacement bar, which she suggests you wash down with a glass of water. Zzzzz. Pass the nachos. Don't get us wrong, we do admire a girl who is health-conscious, but nachos are so delicious.

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